Welcome to The Instrument Workshop

The Instrument Workshop offers music wire for a wide variety of instruments and supplies for historic keyboards.

We stock a variety of components for keyboard instruments; wire, plectra, pins, felt, leather, tools, and more. We source a diversity of products to provide all of the fundamental components needed to build and maintain historic keyboards.

We carry a huge selection of fine music wire—some of which have been the standard for historic keyboards for decades. Many of these wires are also well-suited for other traditional instruments from around the World

Clarsach         Psaltery           Dulcimer

Cembolom      Santur             Cifteli              Bouzouki

Ghuzeng         Sitar                Surbahar         Sarod

Tanpura          Rebab              Erhu

 Whether you are a builder of instruments, a keyboard technician, or an owner of a traditional or historic instrument, let us know how we may help you.




            Marc & David