About The Instrument Workshop

The Instrument Workshop was established by Founder Lutz Bungart in 1969 to serve builders and owners of historic keyboard instruments. In 1994, Lutz relocated his shop and mail-order business to Southern Oregon, where it is today. Over the course of decades, Lutz built the Instrument Workshop into both a comprehensive storehouse for instrument parts and materials, as well as a compendium for historic keyboards and their construction.

When Lutz passed away in 2014, the keyboard and instrument community came together to carry forward the legacy that Lutz had built. Stephen Bacon of Bellwood Violin (bellwoodviolin.com)—along with the support of Lutz' long-time keyboard associate, Barb Barasa, and Anne Acker, early keyboard builder, restorer and aficionado (annesharpsichords.com)—took over the Instrument Workshop from Martha Bungart and the Bungart Family. Stephen Bacon and his son Koyanti moved the shop to its current location in Ashland, Oregon, and began the business anew. In 2016 Marc Likens was hired to manage the business.

In 2017 David Voeller and Marc Likens took the business over from Stephen Bacon and his family. Today, The Instrument Workshop stocks a diverse selection of materials and as well as manufacturing some of its own components. We're interested in supplying the needs of instrument builders, technicians, and owners. Please contact us and tell us about your instrument or projects.