About The Instrument Workshop

The Instrument Workshop was established in 1969 as a mail order business to serve the needs of owners and builders of early keyboard instruments. Up to 1994 the shop was located in Seattle, when it moved to its present location in southern Oregon. The business is organized as a partnership. Supplies, parts, tools and plans are available for harpsichords, clavichords, virginals, spinets, and fortepianos, as well as supplies and parts for some non‐bowed stringed instruments like harps, hammer dulcimers, sitars etc. The shop also makes custom tools and parts from wood and metal, and repairs and restores historical keyboard instruments.

Due to demand from industry and professional institutions for wire in somewhat larger quantities than normally used by instrument makers, The Instrument Workshop began carrying some types of wire to service that need. Lutz named that area of the site "The Wire Place." (That area of the site is now listed in the Wire menu as "Commercial and Industrial.")

Sadly, Lutz Bungart passed away in June of 2014. It took many months for his wife, Martha, to find a suitable group of people to carry on Lutz's work. In Febuary of 2015, Martha sold The Instrument Workshop to Stephen Bacon. Here is what Stephen brings to the business, and his plan for the future.

Message of introduction from new owners of The Instrument Workshop:

Having been a client of The Instrument Workshop for many years and having had the opportunity to work with Lutz on occasion, I was struck with much sadness at Lutz’s passing. Barb Barasa, his shop assistant, and I stepped in as community members to help out his widow, Martha. The fact that I, my son, and his fiancé should now be taking over the business has a great deal to do with the support we have received from Anne Acker (annesharpsichords.com). She will continue to support us as our technical advisor.

I have been in the early music business since 1983, first making recorders, then eventually focusing on instrument restoration, and later opening Bellwood Violin, a string instrument shop (bellwoodviolin.com). Over the years we have serviced many historic keyboard instruments and even built a few in the shop. Being in the community of Ashland, Oregon, with its renowned Shakespeare Festival, provides us with a clientele rich in cultural interest and pursuit of historic performance practice. My academic background is in the theory and construction of historic instruments and I am currently the Assistant Curator and conservator of the Schuman Collection of Musical Instruments at Southern Oregon University. My son has assisted me in the shop and supports us with his knowledge of computers and his ability as a fine craftsman. Our intention is to continue Lutz’s old world standards of precision and customer relationships.

We look forward to serving you!

Stephen Bacon