Leathers and parchments for use in early keyboard instruments. Please select from the following:

Buck Skin

Traditionally Tanned Buck Skin (late 19th century) for Hammer Heads, Back Checks, Beeks, Buff Pads in Harpsichords, etc.

Goat Skin

Traditionally and Vege-tanned Goat Skins for Underlayment in Hammer Heads, for covering Jack Rails, Damper Rails

Sheep Skin

Traditionally Tanned and Vege-tanned for Hammer Heads, Padding and Bushings, Oil Tanned (chamois) for Fortepiano Dampers

Calf Skin

Firm Calf Skin for Beaks, Soft (deer tanned) and Vege-tanned Calf Skin for Hammer Heads

Bushing Leather

Very thin Leather for Pads on Jack Tongues, Medium thin Pigskin for Key Buttons etc


Sheep, Goat, Calf Parchment for Hinges on Escapement Levers, etc. Parchment for Italian Roses

Punchings & Strips

Leather Punchings for capping Damper Jacks (fortepiano), Leather Strips for covering Registers (hapsichord) and Damper Rails (fortepiano).