Leather Plectra

The (relatively) soft leather is belt leather suitable for a peau de buffle stop. The hard (European) leather is sole leather which is used in some modern harpsichords built in the second half of the last century.

Leather Pieces - These selected leather pieces measure 3" x 4" (7.5 x 10 cm) or equivalent and are thick enough so they can be pared down in thickness to fit most mortises.

Pre-cut Plectra - The plectra are 1/8" (3 mm) thick and tapered in width to fit most mortises. If you send us the dimensions of your mortises, we will adjust the thickness and shape of the plectra to fit your needs.

Linden Sticks - and delrin strips for converting from leather to delrin plectra. One set of #1089 will do one rank of jacks, 2 sets may do up to 3 sets. Instructions below are included in the price, but may be purchased separately.

Instructions: Conversion from Leather to Delrin or Celcon Plectra

Leather and Leather Plectra

Catalog No Description NetPrice
#1077 Packge of Soft Leather for Peau de Buffle $9.00
#10775 Packge of Hardrnrd Leather for Leather Plectra $17.50
#1087 Packge of 100 Soft Leather Plectra discontinued  
#10871 Packge of 10 Soft Leather Plectra 7.50
#10875 Packge of Hardened Leather Plectra discontinued  
#10876 Packge of 10 Hardened Leather Plectra $10.00
#1089 Package of Linden Sticks $15.00
#91089 Conversion from Leather to Delrin, 4 pp $1.50