Birds' Quill

We usually have some birds' quill on hand, but the supply varies with the season. A package will do at least one register.

Goose Feathers - Wild goose feathers, package of 6.

Turkey Feathers - Wild turkey feathers, package of 6

Crow Feathers - Smaller feathers, package of 15.

Larger Crow Feathers - A package of 6 feathers contain 4 very large feathers and 2 smaller ones, enough to do one rank of jacks.

Birds' Quill

Catalog No Description NetPrice
#10171 Packge of 6 Wild Goose Feathers $18.00
#10174 Packge of 6 Wild Turkey Feathers $18.00
#1018 Packge of 15 Crow Feathers $33.00
#1019 Package of 6 larger Crow Feathers $33.00
#91089 Quilling and Voicing with Birds' Quill, 8pp Copy of article by Keith Hill $2.50