Commercial & Industrial: The Wire Place

Wire for commercial and industrial purposes is available in spools of 1/4 lb and more and in bulk coils of 1 lb or more.

We will soon have all the details of this wire here on the website. For now, please contact usl regarding availability and pricing of the following:

Tinned Music Wire

  • An industrial quality tin coated music wire

Mapes Music Wire

  • A highly polished triple tin plated music wire

Roeslau Music Wire

  • A highly polished non-coated music wire from Germany

Piano Wire

  • Highly polished piano wire by Mapes and Roeslau

Brass Wire

  • Spring brass wire alloy 26000 (70/30 brass)

Phosphor Bronze Wire

  • Phosphor bronze wire alloy 510

Wire and Strings

  • For smaller quantities of wire used in musical instruments